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Verizon Prepaid Wireless Airtime Refill Pins

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Airtime Refill Pins

Verizon Prepaid Wireless Airtime Refill Pins
All orders are delivered instantly via email and posted in the MY ACCOUNT area on this website.

All transactions are secured by 128bit SSL encrption. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Denomination Rates/Minutes Expiration

Plan Descriptions


Varies by plan 30 days

.10 cents on per day plans
.25 cents on minute plans


Varies by plan 90 days

.10 cents on per day plans
.25 cents on minute plans

$35.00 500 30 days

Unlimited Talk, Text and Data
(basic phones)

$45.00 Unlimited 30 days

Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB Data
(for smart and basic phones)

$50.00 Unlimited 30 days

Unlimited Talk, Text and Mobile Web
(for basic phones)

$60.00 Unlimited 30 days Unlimited Talk & Text and 3GB Data
(for smart phones)
$70.00 Unlimit 30 days Unlimited Talk & Text and 4GB Data
(for smart phones)
Rates* Verizon offers several pay as you go and unlimited plans. Check your specific plan for rates, services and plan features. Rates and service information are subject to change at any time by Verizon. No guarantees are made by of those rates and service information posted. For the most current information, contact Verizon directly or go to the Verizon website. 
Rewards Program All Verizon orders qualify for Loyalty Reward Points
Text Messaging Varies by plan including several unlimited
Long Distance Domestic US long distance included
Data Services High speed access limited depending on the plans between 500 MB and 5GB

Nationwide Coverage


*Calls are 10¢/minute with a 99¢/day access fee. This plan includes unlimited in-calling, Night & Weekends, Mobile-to-mobile to Verizon wireless customers.

To Load Airtime Dial *611 + SEND or 1-866-837-3387 (1-866-U-FREEUP)
Customer Service

For WirelessRefill.Com Support call 1-800-486-1707

Taxes & Fees

No taxes or fees are charged when you order from this website. Verizon purchases from retail stores (Wal-Mart, etc) and from other websites are subject to sales tax and online order fees. SAVE when you buy from where we never charge taxes or fees and we're cheaper than buying directly from any retail location and easier than driving to the store!

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Airtime Refill Pins

Four Reasons Why you should refill with

1. Cash-Back Loyalty Reward Points instantly issued on all airtime refills
2. Automatic eligibility for rebates, promotions and special offers.
3. We're cheaper, No Taxes or Fees when you buy from WirelessRefill.Com.
4. We're nicer people! Family owned and operated.

Verizon Prepaid Wireless Product Information

** Calls are 10¢/minute with a 99¢/day access fee. This plan includes unlimited in-calling, Night & Weekends, Mobile-to-mobile to Verizon wireless customers.

InPulse, Verizon's house-brand prepaid service, offers unlimited night and Verizon Mobile To Mobile calling without the surprises and commitments a normal Verizon contract entails, though the price per month comes out to about two thirds that of the cheapest contract plan. If you're not calling another Verizon subscriber and it's before 9 p.m., you're going to pay 10 cents a minute. Text is 5 cents apiece. Picture messaging is 25. Web is 99 cents a day. All of this on Verizon's nationwide CDMA digital network. However, unlike Verizon contract plans, there are steep roaming fees when calling using cell towers other than Verizon's. But almost always there's voicemail, three-way calling and caller ID, whether you're on network or not.

INpulse leverages the broad scope of Verizon Wireless' network to offer prepay customers one of the most comprehensive and affordable prepay plans in the nation. With INpulse prepaid wireless from Verizon Wireless, customers get unlimited INCalling to other Verizon Wireless customers anytime, unlimited night calling to anyone for $0.99 daily access and just $0.10 per minute for other calls from the INpulse coverage area.

With INpulse, customers can also send and receive TXT Messages for just $0.05 for each message sent or received. And, INpulse customers from coast-to-coast also get the same convenience features as contract customers, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voice Mail.

To help customers make the most of their wireless calling experience, INpulse prepay offers generous expiration dates. Customers who purchase INpulse prepay from $15 to $29.99 have 30 days to use the service; $30 to $74.99 have 60 days to use the service; $75 to $149.99 have 90 days to use their service. INpulse prepay purchases of $150 and above expire in 120 days. Account balances will be carried forward for customers who refill their minutes before they expire.

Verizon Wireless customers can also take advantage of international calling with INpulse. Competitively priced for the occasional caller, INpulse customers pay just $0.20 per minute to Canada and Mexico or $0.50 per minute to other available destinations, plus $0.10 per minute for the standard calling rate. If a customer travels outside of the America's Choice coverage area, roaming is $0.69 per minute, including domestic long distance.

Verizon Wireless invests more than $4 billion annually to maintain and expand its network nationwide. The company's most reliable network claim is based on the network studies completed by real-life test men and women, who conduct more than four million calls annually on the Verizon Wireless network and other national wireless carriers' networks while traveling more than one million miles in specially-equipped, company-owned quality test vehicles across the nation. When you choose Verizon Wireless INpulse service, there's no credit check, deposit, or long-term contract. Using Verizon Wireless INpulse service is simple, too. Once you've activated your service just refill your account whenever your minutes get low. Plus as a bonus, each time you refill before your account expires, your unused balance will roll over to the next expiration date automatically! And refilling your account couldn't be easier, just select your desired card and your ready to go!


Information for New Customers

All PINs Are Delivered Instantly Via E-mail. Purchase your PIN online and have it delivered instantly via email. Your PINs will also be made available online via your secure account order history page. Rates, service information, expiration dates are based on best available information and subject to change without notice. Consult your carrier directly for the most current information.

Transactions Are 100% Secure. All transactions are processed on our secure transaction server that ensures all customer data is safe. Our systems are audited daily to ensure the absolute highest level of security. No refunds or exchanges. All pin and airtime sales are final.

Your Privacy Is Important to Us. Your information is safe with us. We will never share your email address or any other piece of information with any third-party.

Wireless Carrier Rates & Promotional offers.The rates, coverage areas, plan descriptions, promotional offers and all other information provided on this website is done on a best available information basis. Please contact your wireless carrier directly for the most up to date information and do not rely on this site solely. We are not responsible for any changes or modifications the carrier make may subsequent to our postings.